Win*Star Features:

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These are listed by commonly used terms.

Antiscia(solstice points)


Arc Directions:All-Naibod arc, All- solar arc, Ascendant-arc directions
Arc-to-natal searches
Arc-transform charts
Aspect grids(dozens of styles)
Aspect lines(in hi-res chartwheels)
Aspect orbs(editable)
Aspect Sets(editable)
Aspect Tables:
Aspects Closest Table
Aspects: Planet Sort
Aspects: Planet Pairs Sort
Aspects Sorted
Aspects: Planet Columns
Aspect Grid
Aspects Totals


Asteroids(four major; 600-year ephem.)
Astro*Clock(current positions onscreen)
Atlas access:Win*Star Atlas, ACS-PC, and Matrix ACS atlases
Azimuth charts
B.C. dates
Campanus mundoscope
Chart databaseholds hundreds of charts
Chart Patterns:(Grand Trines, T- Squares... over 50 types)
Chart Sets(make your combinations from over 200 forms and save as sets)
Color Editing
Converse progressions
Converse returns
Coordinate systems:
Campanus mundoscope
Azimuth & altitude
Right ascension charts
RA & declination
Longitude & latitude
Geocentric or heliocentic
Coordinates table


Cosmobiology wheels and printouts
Daily angles
Day*Scan transit viewer
Declination tables
Degree-for-a-year directions
Delete unwanted chart data
Dignities: Ptolemaic dignities
Direction to directed chart(hit list for selectable time span and planet set)
Distance values
Draconic Charts
Dynamic events(search for specified point or angular separation)
Enter/exact/leaving in hit lists
Ephemerides:3000-year ephemeris, Chiron (600-year ephemeris), four major asteroids, Transpluto, Lilith, 8 Uranian Planets
Equatorial charts
Geocentric latitude option
Geodetic charts
Angular Separation(180 & 360 degrees, geo & helio)


Graph Midpoints(360 & 180)


Harmonics(chartwheels; choose from standard or create your own)
Heliocentric chart patterns
High-resolution chartwheels(over 200 forms, highest precision and clarity)
Hit lists(customizable lists: rearrange data to suit and save list formats)
Horary:almutens, Lilly's strengths, horary layouts
House quadrants, house balance, house systems
Import Other chart files:
Compact Data
Solar Fire
CCRS '92
Kepler v.2.5


Ingresses, house and sign
Latitude tables & graphs: long.& lat., RA & declination, azimuth & altitude
Lilly planetary strengths
Local Space charts
Logos(editable company name for chart services)
Lunar node:true node & mean lunar node
Mixed hit lists(transits & progressions, etc.)
Midpoints<(include midpoints in searches; view/print midpoint lists)
Midpoints:45-degree midpoint trees, 90/45/22.5-degree midpoint sorts
Midpoint Sorts:360, 90, 45, and 22.5
Midpoint Trees:90, 45, 22.5
New & full moon charts
Lunar phase diagram
Lunar light
Parallax moon
Lunar phase & data graph


Parallels of declination and/or latitudein hit lists and graphs
Planet set(selectable for chart)
Planetary motion(helio- or geocentric)
Planetary rulerships
Planets/Points:Moon-Pluto, Lunar Node, Mid- heaven, Ascendant, Vertex, Aries Point, South Node, Equatorial Ascendant, Part of Fortune, Uranian planets: Transpluto, Chiron, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, Juno
Pluto symbol:two choices
Precision:Sun, planets, and angles to a fraction of a second or arc; Moon to within 10 seconds of arc; intermediate house cusps to within one minute of arc
Prime vertical charts(standard and Neely)
Printer selection
Position scales
Progressed Angles
Progressed MC
All-solar arc
Solar arc with derived ascendant
All-Naibod arc
Naibod arc with derived ascendant


Daily houses
Progressions & directionsStandard & Converse:
Minor progressions
User-arc directions
User progressions
Ascendant-arc directions
Secondary progressions
Solar arc directions
Vertical-arc directions
Quotidian progressions (two styles)
Directed charts(standard and converse, primary)
Naibod directions


Return charts:solar, lunar, demi-solar, demi-lunar, draconic, to a point, solunar, user-angle, year's, sidereal, right ascension, sidereal-solar, and all planetary, with phase-angle incremental options and printing of successive return charts
Sabian Symbols(pop-up depictions)
Save chart data to hard disk, save secondary charts(such as returns or progressions), replicate last-used chart data
Searches, search for a point
Sidereal ayanamsa:Fagan-Bradley, Deluce, Lahiri, Raman, Usha-Shashi, Sri Yukteswar, Sundara Rajan, Krishnamurti, Larry Ely, Shill PondÈ, User-defined
Sidereal zodiac
Solstice points
Sorted midpoint page
Sort by:harmonics, orb, aspects, planetary order, midpoint, angular separation, more.
Stations(retrodrade and direct)
Synastry:composite angles & composite charts
Synastry charts:composite midpoint, composite midheaven, traditional Davison chart, relationship chart based on mean spherical values, SynGrid (one-click synastry grid)
Timed Hit Lists:
Progressed-to-radix hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Progressed-to-progressed hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Arc-to-radix hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Transit-to-progressed hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Transit-to-transit hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Transit-to-radix hit list- for selectable time span and planet set
Void-of-course in hit lists (and in a view screen)


Uranian planets(400-year ephemeris)
Uranian wheels and printouts
Void-of-course in hit lists(and in a view screen)
Wheels & forms:single wheels, biwheels, triwheels, quadwheels, chartwheels of all styles
Zodiacs:tropical, sidereal, Fagan- Bradley, Deluce, Lahiri, Raman, Usha- Shashi, Sri Yukteswar, Sundara Rajan, Krishnamurti, Larry Ely, Shill PondÈ, User-defined