Win*Writer Pro Astrological Reports

Matrix is proud to announce the release of the new addition to the
Win*Writer Professional collection: Midpoint Keys by Laura DesJardins

Matrix reports tap the writing talents of some of the world's most skilled astrologers and combine them with cutting-edge computer technology. The result is software that lets you produce personalized astrological reports of unmatched quality and accuracy from your own home computer.

Normally reports of this depth and insight would take a professional astrologer hours to produce. With Win*Writer Professional report software you enter the birth data, select the report you want and click the "process" button. Voila! A beautifully formatted report, ready to deliver or email to the reader. Use Win*Writer's on-screen editor to easily add your own special touches to any report, including your logo or contact information.

Each report program in this collection will operate as a stand-alone program, no other software is required to produce your reports. The Win*Writer Professional operating shell includes all of the calculation tools necessary to produce astrologically precise reports. The Win*Writer Professional system give you batch processing and editing capabilities that let you shape and personalize each report to your own personal preferences. The complete ACS timed atlas with over 250,000 locations is included with the purchase of a report. If you own Win*Star Plus chart data can be shared between programs so that you do not have to make multiple entries. Matrix report programs are built by professional astrologers for professional astrologers and those who want to provide their clients and customers with the finest astrological interpretations.

Professional astrologers find Win*Writer to be a tremendous time saver and excellent income generator. For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, Win*Writer lets you build a profitable business with minimal startup cost – perfect for the internet!


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Click any of the following Report Writers to download a full-length report in .RTF or .PDF file format. This file can then be opened, viewed, or printed.

Note: These sample reports do not have the personalized Headers and Footers that will print when sending the output to the printer from the Win*Writer program.

Asteroids Report
for Antonio Banderas
RTF (557k) PDF (191k)

Astro*Carto*Graphy® Explained Report
for Bruce Willis
RTF (588k) PDF (266k)

Astro*Talk Report
for Kevin Spacey
RTF (359k) PDF (108k)

Child*Star Report
for Dakota Fanning
RTF (502k) PDF (300k)

Friends & Lovers Report
for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
RTF(323k) PDF(178k)

Heaven Knows What Report
for Ashley Judd
RTF(607k) PDF (220k)

Just for WomenReport
Previously titled "From Woman to Woman"
for Halle Berry
RTF(475k) PDF (258k)

Life Progressions Report
for Kate Hudson
RTF (385k) PDF (183k)

Lunar Return Report
for Ben Kingsley
RTF (599k) PDF (275k)

Midpoint Key Report
for Arnold Schwarzenegger (136 pages)
RTF(1035k) PDF (601k)

Opportunities Report
for Arnold Schwarzenegger
RTF(572k) PDF (239k)

Past Lives Report
for Shirley Mac Laine
RTF(290k) PDF (199k)

Relating Potential Report
for Julia Roberts
RTF(309k) PDF (165k)

Simpáticos Report
on the Relationship Between
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
RTF(439k) PDF (111k)

Sky Log Report
for Sandra Bullock
RTF(407k) PDF (256k)

Sky Within Report
for Sean Penn
RTF (407k) PDF (194k)

Solar Arc Predictions Report
for Cuba Gooding Jr.
RTF(13k) PDF (11k)

Solar Return Predictions Report
for Collin Farrell
RTF(412k) PDF (265k)

Tarot Report
for Jouquiam Cortez
RTF(727k) PDF (177k)

TimeLine Report
for Ron Howard
RTF (391k) PDF (68k)

Your Spiritual Path Report
for Muhammad Ali
RTF(261k) PDF(196k)

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1) Go to Options/General Preferences/Helpers

2) Scroll to File type "application/rtf" and click the radio button before "Unknown: Prompt User"

3) Click "Ok" to close the dialog. This should reset your browser to accommodate online file saving.