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For advertising purposes we've created this category simply called "Tools." From Viewer to Aspectarian, this section presents many features and accessories which could easily be offered as individual programs themselves. Take a look.

The Chart Viewer provides this useful palette of tools for chart evaluation. Each works with the displayed chart wheel, making in-depth analysis simple and thorough.

Day*Scan is an ephemeris that provides easily-accessed planetary information displayed in a horizontal time line. It dispays planets' sign and phase positions; the degree, minute, second, and zodiacal position of each planet and major point, house-cusp positions to the minute of arc; planet/sign information, to the degree; Moon Void-of-Course periods; a Day\Night mode, showing the Sun's four major angles; and Planetary Day and Hours can also be viewed.

This is a sample DayScan from WinStar. The black glyphs are transit-to-transit aspects and the red ones are transit-to-natal aspects. Users can add or remove options as desired.

DayScan (with Aspect Pop-up)
You can get specific information about aspects or other items simply by clicking on a horizontal bar or aspect.

With the Time*Scan feature, entire search results can be presented on screen in a graphic timeline. Whereas DayScan presents a relatively short span of time (three days), Time*Scan will load a file of saved search results and display them on screen in an easily read and colorful format.

View natal information in a colorful and easy to read format. Users can click on differnt areas of the display to show unique information.

TimeScan (with Chart Data)
This TimeScan sample shows the Chart Data after clicking on the yellow Time Grid.

Atlas - You can scroll through the comprehensive cities list or type in a birth place & let the program find it.

The Win*Star atlas (approximately 7600 cities) is a great time saver. It automatically provides the longitude, latitude and time zone information needed for astrological calculations. Win*Star Plus includes the American & International Atlas (over 200,000 cities). Included, too, (with either version) are data for 3955 American hospitals.

The QuickWheel (or QWheel) is a pop-up chart wheel with its own tools menu. QWheel can be operated apart from Win*Star (saving memory) yet it still accesses the Win*Star active charts list. It's a great way to have a chart open while working with other computer applications.

This handy, sizable wheel has its own toolbar providing multiple techniques in an instant. A free-standing tool, QWheel can operate apart from Win*Star!


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