Win*Star Plus Full Features List

Chart Types

Natal — options for True/Mean node, geocentric latitude, parallax Moon, day/night Part-of-Fortune
Progressed -- by secondary, minor, tertiary, user rate, quotidian 1, quotidian 2
MC progressed -- by solar arc, daily houses, naibod, secondary, all solar, all naibod, user arc
Directed -- by solar, naibod, degree/year, ascendant, vertical, user defined arc
Return -- solar, lunar, planet, lunar node, asteroid, Uranian planet in geocentric, heliocentric, geo precessed, helio precessed and equatorial
Phase Angle Return -- for any pair of planets, Sun, Moon, lunar node, asteroids, Uranian in same 5 co-ordinate systems as single returns
Incremental Return -- demi (180), quatri (90), ennead (40), user defined
Return to Point -- Sun, Moon, planet, lunar node, asteroids, Uranian to user defined point in 5 co-ordinate systems
Composite -- 2 types: Midpoint cusps & Derived cusps
Davison relationship charts -- 2 types: Standard & Sperical Earth Midpoint
Coalescent charts -- 2 types: Midpoint cusps & Derived cusps
Harmonic -- any number (including decimals), Golden Mean, Golden Mean2, Pi, e B
Geodetic -- 3 types, Fixed Meridian, Johndro precessed, Fixed User Meridian
Relocation -- any place, points, co-ordinate systems
Arc Transform -- any pair of planets, asteroids, Sun, Moon, lunar node, Uranians
Planet Cusp -- any planet, asteroid, Sun, Moon, lunar node or Uranian on any cusp


Single, bi, tri and quad wheels and dials
- Proportional or equal-sized houses
- Aspect lines optional, aspect filtering optional
- Two, three or four wheels on a single page
- Over 300 different chart form styles


Completely customizable wheels - you choose aspects (up to 26 per set), orbs, colors, create, save, edit and recall sets for wheels and searches (transits, progressions, directions). Seven sets included with Win*Star, add as many more as you like.
Aspect grids - (dozens of styles, including Uranians and asteroids)
Natal and synastry aspect grids with orb (applying and separating). Natal and synastry grid has parallels, contraparallels and position scales
Sorts - Aspects sorted by closest, planet, aspect type, planet pairs

Tables & Lists

Position grid -- Position Grid for Sun, Moon, planets, lunar node, asteroids, Uranian planets in geocentric and heliocentric by longitude (to second of arc), latitude, and daily motion; geocentric positions in declination, right ascension, distance value, 360 position, azimuth, altitude, local space, prime vertical, amplitude, hour angle, mundoscope, and Neely. Can be sorted by planet order, geo or helio longitude, latitude and motion or by geo right ascension, declination or distance value.
Misc. Chart Data -- Sunrise and Sunset times, lunar phase, planetary hour, ayanamsa, Lilith position, Julian date, Sun/Moon midpoint, Asc/MC midpoint, Asc/MC angle, local apparent time, equation of time, synetic vernal point.
Balances -- Elemental balance, modal balance, house balance, polarity.
Rulerships -- Dignities, ruling planet, exaltation, detriment, fall, last dispositor, mutual receptions(by signs and houses), dispositors by sign and house.
Ptolemaic dignities -- Ruler, exaltation, triplicity, term, face, detriment, fall, joy, beseiged, almutens, Oriental/Occidental, combust, antiscia
Lilly strengths -- Accidental dignity, essential dignity, total strength

Graphs & Graphic Ephemeris

Geo and helio longitude and latitude.
Right ascension and declination, azimuth and altitude.

Angular separation (360 and 180), geo and helio.

Ebertin style graphic ephemeris generator, transits, progressions and directions in any harmonic(22.5,45,90,360, user defined); geo and helio longitude, latitude and daily motion, geo distance value, right ascension and declination for all planets, Uranians, asteroids, Chiron, lunar node, Lilith, midpoints, Solar Apex, Solar Node, Galactic Center and house cusps for any location. Graphs cover 24 hours to unlimited number of years, include natal positions, lunations, eclipses, choice of line colors.

Win*Search has 7 different styles of graphs for analyzing chart databases.

Midpoints, Cosmobioligy & Uranian

Midpoints: 45-degree midpoint trees, 90/45/22.5-degree midpoint sorts
Midpoints (view/print midpoint lists)

Midpoint Sorts: 360, 90, 45, and 22.5

Midpoint Trees: 90, 45, 22.5

Midpoint ephemeris

Cosmobiology wheels and printouts

Live 90 degree dial onscreen, drag and drop midpoints, degree for year arcs

Solar arc directions

8 Uranian Planets

Zero Aries point in wheels and dials

Graphic ephemeris, including midpoints

Create your own TNP ephemeris

Create your own ephemeris of planetary pictures

Graphic ephemeris, including Uranian planets and midpoints

22.5, 45, 90, 360 and create your own harmonic graphic ephemerides

Print 14 different midpoint grids

Print 14 different midpoint dials, including bi and tri dials

Print 3 different Uranian wheels, plus Uranian tri wheels

Print 3 different Uranian aspect grids

Forecasting & Cycles

Arc Directions -- All Naibod arc, Solar arc, Ascendant arc, Vertical arc, Degree for Year and User defined arc directions
Arc-to-natal searches
Converse progressions
Converse returns
Daily angles
-- to directed chart (hit list for selectable time span and planet set)
Dynamic events -- search for specified point or angular separation
Timed Hit Lists:
- Merged lists of hits to track more than one person at a time
- Layout and sort options, completely customizable
- Progressed-to-radix hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Progressed-to-progressed hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Arc-to-radix hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Transit-to-progressed hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Transit-to-transit hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Transit-to-radix hit list for selectable time span and planet set
- Void-of-course in hit lists (and in a view screen)
Parallels of declination and latitude
Hit lists
-- (customizable lists: rearrange data to suit and save list formats)
Progressed Angles -- progressed MC, all-solar arc, solar arc with derived ascendant, all-Naibod arc, Naibod arc with derived ascendant, daily houses
Progressions & directions -- (Standard & Converse): minor progressions, user-arc directions, user progressions, ascendant- arc directions, secondary progressions, solar arc directions, vertical-arc directions, quotidian progressions (two styles), directed charts (standard and converse, primary), Naibod directions
Return charts -- solar, lunar, demi-solar, demi-lunar, draconic, to a point, solunar, user-angle, year's, sidereal, right ascension, sidereal-solar, and all planetary, with phase-angle incremental options and printing of successive return charts
Day*Scan -- quick transit viewer, 1-5 day transits, including Sabian Symbols
Searches -- search for a point
Time*Scan -- graphic display
Ingresses -- house and sign
Mixed hit lists -- (transits & progressions, etc.)
- Enter/exact/leaving in hit lists
- Instant charts for hit list events, including bi-wheel with natal

Transit Interpretations Point and click transit interpretations (Ptolemaic aspects)


Tropical and sidereal (choice of Fagan/Bradley, DeLuce, Lahiri, Raman, Usha-Shashi, Sri Yukteswar, Sundara Rajan, Krishnamurti, Larry Ely, Shill Pond)


Geo and heliocentric; geo and helio bi-wheels, two wheels to a page. Sun, Moon, planets, lunar node, asteroids, Uranian planets in geocentric and heliocentric by longitude (to second of arc), latitude, and daily motion; geocentric positions in declination, right ascension, distance value, 360 position, azimuth, altitude, local space, prime vertical, amplitude, hour angle, mundoscope, and Neely.

House Systems

Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Meridian, Morinus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Aries houses, Sripati, Vedic equal, Solar, Sign=House, Equal, Equal with any planet or house on any cusp (ie, Venus on 4th, Mars on 1st).

Points Included

Sun through Pluto, Moon (regular or parallax), mean or true lunar North and South Nodes, Chiron, Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Transpluto, Black Moon Lilith (in table and graphs), 8 Uranian planets, Asc, MC, East Point, Vertex, Part of Fortune (day or night)

Calculation Span & Accuracy

Unlimited; 600 BC - 2300 AD with accuracy of about 1 second of arc for Sun and planets (a bit less accurate for ancient dates, 2-3 seconds), and about 10 seconds for the Moon. Asteroids and Chiron are covered for the period 1500 - 2100 AD, while the ephemeris range for Uranians and Transpluto is the same as the planet ranges given above, with about a minute of arc accuracy for all the extra points.


Mapping, Local Space & Relocation

Onscreen maps - click anywhere for instant relocation chart, rising/setting lines and local space lines; drag mouse on map for changing Asc/MC degrees
- Azimuth charts
- Campanus mundoscope
- Geodetic charts
- Local Space charts
- Mundane Maps
- Relocation charts
- Local Space and Local Map wheels
- Mundoscopes

Desktop Publishing

You can export wheels, grid images and chart data to the clipboard as bitmaps or Windows Metafiles.
Publisher's Assistant resizes any chart, saves it anywhere on your hard drive in 18 different graphic file formats (WMF, BMP, GIF, TIF, EPS, AI, CGM, CTM, DXF, DRW, GEM, HG3, MET, NAP, PCX, PCT, TGA, WPG).

Chart Patterns

Graphic color display of geo and helio chart patterns, by sign and house.


Point and click tools for chart - - - analysis including:
- Planet data viewer
- Sabian Symbols
- Natal interpretations
- Aspect finder
- Chart pattern finder (50 different patterns)
- Planet angle finder
- Arc finder (by year)

Tutor Help

Complete text of Nicholas Devore's Encyclopedia of Astrology included in program.
Astro*Tutor, astrological techniques, chart interpretations and glossary of terms included in program.
Extensive online help for all program functions.
Printed Win*Star user guide, over 180 pages.
Free lifetime technical support 6 days a week.

Database & Research

Create individual databases for groups of charts (as many as your hard drive can hold) with space for notes and keyword; QuickWheel pop-up any chart for rapid view; copy to Current Charts for detailed analysis; sort by name, keyword, birthday, date, category.

Win*Search research module - powerful research tool uses AND/OR query (ie, search for all charts with Mars in Capricorn AND Mars in the 8th house or Mars in Capricorn OR in the 8th house). Search for combinations of planets(including asteroids, Uranians, Transpluto, lunar node, Lilith, MC/Asc) in signs, houses, aspects, specific degrees, lunar phase, dignity, retrograde, element, triplicity and quadrant. 7 graph styles for visual display of research results and Win*Star databases.


Win*Star includes a comprehensive timed atlas of more than 258,000 locations in 225 countries. Data provided by ACS.


QWheel is a powerful onscreen tool for viewing, editing, copying and comparing charts. It accesses any of your Current Charts plus the changing chart of the moment.
Live Astro*Clock of current transits on screen; can be put on bi-wheel inside or around any other Win*Star chart. Geo or helio, four different wheel designs.
Rectification assist - Change time in increments of hours, minutes, seconds, change midheaven in increments of degrees and minutes. Instant change on screen.
90 degree dial with drag and drop midpoint and arc search.
Instant Local Space wheel.
Add or delete planets on the fly
Reversible Bi-Wheel

Win*Star Plus

Includes all elements of Win*Star as well as the following:
Win*Search research module - see Database/Research
TimeTables Ephemeris Generator - produce ephemerides for any combinations of planets, houses, midpoints, Part of Fortune, planetary pictures in any co-ordinate system, for any location, for any time span, at any interval(ie, every 4 minutes, every 10 years). Create customized ephemerides or use built-in templates.
Graphic Ephemeris - produce graphic ephemerides for transits, directions and progressions for planets, houses, midpoints in any co-ordinate system, any time span from 24 hours to hundreds of years, in any harmonic. Includes lunations, eclipses, natal lines, choice of planet
Publisher's Assistant - see Destktop Publishing

Many Win*Star modules (DayScan, QuickWheel, Win*Search, Graphic Ephemeris, TimeTables Ephemeris Generator, etc.) can be run through Win*Star or independently.


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