State of Art Astrology Software for Macintosh

The Io series of astrological software programs from Time Cycles Research are definitely among the most advanced Macintosh astrology programs available. These programs are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today's leading professional astrologers and are intuitive enough to please beginners as well. From the sophisticated Io Edition calculation and charting program to the powerful Io Forecast Transit Interpreter, you'll find the Io Series an excellent choice for the Macintosh astrologer.

IO is modular, contact us to find out which modules are right for you!

Common Features to most Io Series programs...

Print at high resolution for superior-looking output
Customize document pages
Graphic Design option enables user to customize charts
Export charts as graphics for use in other programs
Export chart data as text for use in word processors and databases (ideal for research purposes).
Automatically look up and enter latitudes, longitudes, and date sensitive time zones using the separately available Atlas (save time and eliminate errors).
Store latitudes and longitudes of frequently used cities using a built-in cities file
Create unlimited chart files holding up to 960 charts each
Transfer charts quickly and easily between chart files
Add personal notes and comments to individual charts
Calculate charts between 102 AD and 3000 AD
Calculate sunrise charts for use when a charts birth time is not known

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IO Features

  • 75 beautiful wheel designs
  • Io Forecast, Horoscope, and Relationship reports
  • Ephemeris generator
  • Io Detective the essential tool for your astrological investigations.
  • Medical Astrology
  • Astro Clock
  • IO forecaster
  • IO atlas

    and much more!