A fresh approach to Astrology software..

Kaleidoscope offers a new way to do and learn about astrology. Professional and beginning astrologers alike find Kaleidoscope entertaining and just plain fun to use! It's exciting to use because it breaks new ground in astrology software presentation. For example, the unique transit sequencer lets you see the planets moving through the sky, using real-time graphics. Watch the aspect patterns endlessly forming as the planets move. See for yourself — take the Kaleidoscope clickable tour and explore the many program screens and features.

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  • Aspect Grid
  • Aspect Weights
  • Aspects Strength Graph
  • Ecliptic Latitude
  • Ecliptic Longitude
  • Chart Database
  • Character Interpretation
  • Daily Motion
  • Declination
  • Emotions Interpretation
  • Harmonics
  • Harmonics Strength Graph
  • Heliocentric Mode
  • House Cusp Positions
  • House Systems
  • Latitude/Declination weights
  • Planet Analysis
  • Relocation Astrology
  • Right Ascension
  • Self Image Interpretation
  • Temperament Interpretation